Johnson has told the woman that he does not believe the information she has given him about Joseph Rosenbaum. Crying, she says that she would have felt bad if she had not come forward with the information. Johnson demands to know why she’s upset over nothing. She says that she is disconcerted about what’s going on in law enforcement. Soon after this exchange, the woman leaves Johnson’s hotel room and tells workers at the front desk that she is alarmed because Johnson has a handgun. A hotel worker calls Tucson Police.
WARNING: FOUL LANGUAGE. This recording involves former Long Beach Homicide Detective Todd Johnson, while on assignment as a legal investigator for Kyle Rittenhouse, interviewing a witness in the civil case. This recording was made in Tucson, Arizona, on December 8, 2021 with the consent of one of the parties present, excerpted from evidence submitted to Tucson Police Department regarding incident #2112080227.