Police Photos

These photos were taken by the Long Beach Police Department. Most were taken at Dana and Huck’s house on March 4, 2014. Some were taken by the police lab on March 12, 2014. Click to enlarge.

Cain Finn Jones a.k.a. Kane Finn Hucky Kealoha a.k.a. Huck
Exterior of front gate
Enclosed front patio
Enclosed front patio
Exterior/kitchen window above cooktop/front door
Front door
Exterior door of the “yoga room”
Window of Dana’s office
View of interior from front door
Sofa with dog bed
Kitchen hutch at the right with Dana’s iPad
View of living/dining area from kitchen
Dining area, with TV room in distance
TV room
Huck’s laptop and insurance papers on table, seen from TV room
Central hallway/Guest bath on left/Linen closet on right
Guest bath
Door to Dana’s office
Dana’s office
Door to laundry nook at end of central hallway
Looking toward dining area from laundry nook
Interior door to yoga room
View toward master suite from yoga room
Master closet
Master closet
Master bedroom
Huck’s side of bed unmade, slingshot on floor
Master bathroom
Electronics in laundry nook
Truck parked in front of garage
Garage behind house
Back patio
Back yard
Pond in back yard
Outdoor shower and exterior door to master suite
Exterior door to TV room
Exterior door to master suite
Pond in back yard
Cameras on garage pointed toward golf course
Cameras on garage
Interior of garage
Huck’s safe, door open, at back of garage
Another exterior door to the TV room
Gated driveway on the side of house
TV room with view of second exterior door
Closet door near front door
Drawers of hutch in yoga room
Candles Huck placed at spot where he claimed Dana’s head hit floor
Dana’s glasses on cabinet between sinks
Dana’s iPad
Blood spatter on chair leg in lower left
Linen closet across the hall from guest bath
DVR on top shelf of linen closet
Back of Dana’s head, in hospital
Massive head wound

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