Camera placement and views

Long Beach Police counted twelve surveillance cameras at Huck and Dana’s house. However, Camera 9 cannot be seen in police photos of the house, and the police recovered no recordings from Camera 9. The map below is based on a sketch of the scene made by LBPD. (Download a pdf of the police sketch here.) This map is not to scale, and there are some inaccuracies carried over from the police sketch — for example, the door of the closet with the DVR can be seen on Camera 7, but the door to the office is actually off camera. Photos of the cameras, placements, and views are posted below the map (scroll down.)

Camera 1

Camera 2

Camera 3

Camera 4

Camera 5

Camera 6

Camera 7

Camera 8

Camera 9

Camera 10

Cameras 11 and 12

Double indemnity?