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In March 2014, Long Beach kitchen designer Dana Kathleen Jones died of massive head injuries that her husband claimed were caused by yoga. Her family believes that she was murdered, and that Long Beach Police homicide detectives botched the investigation due to blunders and intentional omissions, and made false statements about the evidence. This website is an archive of information and commentary about the case collected by Dana’s family.

  1. Massive head injuries
  2. Blood in master bath
  3. Blood in dining area
  4. Discredited alibi
  5. Dumbbells
  6. Unreliable witness
  7. Victim’s clothing
  8. Blood vials
  9. Like a good neighbor
  10. Compromised detective
Blunt Force Yoga: True Crime Memoir by Lisa Jones
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List of PDFs
  1. Hospital interviews – report by Christian F. Moody
  2. Search warrant March 4, 2014
  3. Husband’s statement and description of residence – report by Edwin S. Oak
  4. First responders and family interviews – report by Stephan C. Ritchie
  5. Interview with neighbor who helped clean up blood – report by Keith E. Mortensen
  6. Knock-and-talk interviews – report by Tina L. Icorn
  7. Knock-and-talk interviews – report by Michael T. Richens
  8. Sister’s complaint to Long Beach CPCC, and responses
  9. Detective Todd Johnson’s first report about the case
  10. Search warrant March 13, 2014
  11. Detective Roger Zottneck’s report
  12. Dana Jones autopsy report
  13. Scientific Services Bureau report
  14. Documents regarding the victim’s blood sample
  15. Police sketch of residence floor plan
  16. LBPD crime scene log
  17. Camera placement and views
Clips from Surveillance Video
  1. Night of March 2, 2014
  2. Neighbor arrives
  3. Neighbor departs
  4. Murder alibi clip
  5. Victim’s husband takes a photo
  6. Victim’s husband demonstrates a “yoga fall”
  7. Credit card trick
  8. Possible witness?
  9. Face++ Emotion Recognition Demo (on YouTube)
  1. 911 call to Long Beach Fire Department on March 3, 2014
  2. Call from St. Mary Hospital to Long Beach Police on March 4, 2014
  3. Police radio call # L140631405 March 4, 2014

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5 replies on “Site Index”

No doubt in my mind that this was not an accident. Lisa, I hope you contact me.

Lisa, I just want to say I’m so sorry about the loss of your sister. Your story has captured my attention. As a Long Beach resident I find it appalling to learn how unprofessionally this was handled. I for one will be contacting authorities urging that this case be re-examined and re-investigated. You and your family deserve a much more thorough investigation than what is described.
Keep fighting the good fight and I and my neighbors will do what we can in support of this cause.

I cannot believe that a fall from a yoga pose can cause enough trauma to cause death. I practice yoga and find this impossible…there needs to be much more force to cause serious injury or death…..unless she threw herself to the ground at 20 MPH!
I am having serious doubts about how the fall caused her death.
I took a fall to where I hit my head on huge rocks….did sustain a blood clot, but didn’t kill me.
I am sorry for your loss and my hope is that the truth will be revealed. You are a wonderful sister to take this on and kudos to you!

Hello. Would you at all be interested in making a podcast about this? Please get in contact if so…