Complete files of all home-surveillance videos released by Long Beach police in this case can be viewed and downloaded on Google Drive. Click here to go to Google Drive.

The LBPD originally released these files in AVI format. The files on Google Drive have been converted to MP4 for easy playback and sharing.  The police provided the files in two folders — one containing just three short clips from the night of March 2, 2014, and one containing several long clips from the morning of March 3, 2014. The names of the folders and files provided on Google Drive match the names provided by LBPD.

Examination of the files shows that there is an unexplained gap in theĀ  recordings between 10:21 PM on March 2nd, and 6:00 AM on March 3rd. Homicide detectives apparently failed to notice this gap. When it was pointed out to them by a forensic video analyst, the detectives failed to investigate further. Why, for instance, were no videos retrieved from Camera 9? This camera was located at the exterior back door of the master bedroom. Why, for instance, was no video recovered showing someone (anyone!) moving Dana’s iPad to the yoga room from the hutch near the kitchen?

Homicide detectives insist that the videos they recovered prove Cain Finn Jones had a perfect murder alibi. But videos are missing, and the LBPD should explain why.

Edited video clips can be seen here.