Police Photos

These photos were taken by the Long Beach Police Department. Most were taken at the victim’s residence on March 4, 2014. Some were taken by the police lab on March 12, 2014. These images are public records related to the death of kitchen designer Dana Jones, the “yoga death” case — LBPD case #14-13657, and Los Angeles County Coroner case #14-01274. In total, 188 images were released to the victim’s family. Two images — img_00147 and img_00148 — have been omitted from this gallery because they show the face of the victim dead in a hospital bed. (To download a full-sized image, click on it, then right-click to save. Images range from 5 to 10 MB in size.)



Please note: Once information is released to a member of the public, it becomes a public record and cannot be withheld from the public or the news media (Black Panther Party v. Kehoe [1974]). Contact: book@yogadeath.com