Fake Yoga Accident, True Story

Long Beach kitchen designer Dana Jones died of massive head injuries. Her husband claimed that she fell to the floor while doing yoga at home. The police insisted that her death was a freak accident. If it was a crime, it was a perfect crime, homicide detectives told her family. Years later, they would learn that the lead detective on the case had a reputation for being drunk on the job…and botching murder investigations.

  1. Just the facts
  2. Massive head injuries
  3. Blood in master bath
  4. Blood in dining room
  5. Discredited alibi
  6. Dumbbells
  7. Unreliable witness
  8. Victim’s clothing
  9. Blood vials
  10. Compromised detective
  11. Dirty call
  12. Like a good neighbor
  13. Rewind

This site contains media derived from public records, such as photos and reports created by the Long Beach Police Department. It also contains media derived from home-surveillance recordings seized by the LBPD, and released to a member of the public. Once information is released to a member of the public, it becomes a public record and cannot be withheld from the public or the news media (Black Panther Party v. Kehoe [1974]). Contact: book@yogadeath.com

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